Alternate WebshopEngine Lite

A PHP based solution for smaller webshops of about 300 articles.
System requirements:
- Apache Webserver or similar
- PHP since version 4
- PHP gdlib should be installed
To install it, download the .zip-file, extract it and upload it via FTP to your webspace or copy it to your local www-root folder.

The shop area is available under
And the administrative area under

Log in with user-name/password alternate, but change it afterwards!


Changes in this version:
- Several error corrections
- Extension of system info page

Versionnumber: 1.520
Filesize: 2109.20
Date: 11.02.2019
MD5 value: 84bfefeab75702114446dcb7f6a5aa76
Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, ... + PHP + Apache
Languages included: English, German
Current Downloads: 911
Preview: Alternate WebshopEngine Lite