Alternate Dictionary PDA

The PDA version of Alternate Dictionary. Runs under Pocket PC 2003 (ARM Processor).

The ZIP archive contains the file Dictionary.CAB, which has to be copied to the PDA. In addition it contains the sources (Embedded VC++ 4.0). When finished copying te Dictionary.CAB file, the file can be executed with the PDA-Explorer and finally installs the program. The installation contains just a small dictionary with IT-abbreviations, but it is possible to extend it with dictionaries of the normal Alternate Dictionary.

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Versionnumber: 1.500
Filesize: 269.34
Date: 11.02.2019
MD5 value: 667fbea51f0eb56dfef8a9af3d2ab05a
Supported operating systems: Windows Pocket PC 2003 (ARM processor)
Languages included: English, German, Italian, French, Danish
Current Downloads: 878
Preview: Alternate Dictionary PDA